Review: Sorella “Body Contour Volume Up” Moulded Bra

Abstract: A fantasic seamless moulded half cup bra that is unfortunately sold only in Asia and has a limited size range of approximately 30-36 C-E.

Background: I’ve chosen a rather obscure product for my first review, but with good reason: this is the bra that changed my life. Sorella is an upscale Asian brand that produces mostly 70-85 band bras in B-D cups, with the occasional E. The Body Contour Volume Up bra is a seamless moulded half cup that comes in black and nude. I purchased it in size 75E in a department store in mid-2010 for around SGD$70 (~USD$55 or GBP£35).

As a bonus, check out Sorella’s size chart — no ‘plus four’ rubbish here! This makes me so happy, because most of the lingerie stores I visited at the time were trying to stuff me into a 36B. Yeah, no.

Sizing: I don’t know which sizing scheme this range follows or how it would convert to conventional UK sizes, so I’m not sure whether the bra runs large or small. As a calibration point, my measurements at the time of purchase were 32″ ribcage and 37″/38″ bust, so the 75E Volume Up is roughly equivalent in size to a UK 32DD or 32E. Though it fit perfectly at the time, it sadly gives me massive double-boob at my present size of 32FF. I wish these were made in larger cup sizes.

Comfort: Super-comfortable. There are no rough bits, the underwires are well-shaped so they don’t poke or press, and the soft fabric doesn’t itch even when the bra is brand new. It does come up rather high under the arms, but I actually prefer that because it feels more supportive.

Shape: Being a moulded bra, it gives a good round shape, which I consider ideal. The side boning on the band also goes a long way towards controlling side-boob, since it pushes all your breast tissue forward into the cup and stops it from slipping back.

Support: Awesome, thanks to the side boning, the wide straps, and the wide band with a three-hook closure. I feel very stable in this bra.

Quality: Superb. My bras still look new after more than a year of constant wearing and washing. One of them even survived an accidental trip through the washing machine at 60C on high spin. It grew about half a band size and half a cup size, but it wasn’t damaged at all. The band also does a great job of retaining its elasticity — if I could fit into the cups, I would still be wearing this bra on the loosest hook now, nearly two years later.

Appearance: Basic but pretty, due to the cut and the quality fabric. Not a granny bra by any stretch of the imagination. Both the black and nude colors have a stripe of light beige running across the top of the cups, which adds a bit of visual interest, although it shows up under some light-colored clothes and looks a bit weird. Also of note is that the nude shade is slightly darker than what you’d typically get from a UK or US brand, which I like as it matches my skin tone better.

Conclusions: I’m probably biased because it was my first properly-fitting bra, but the Body Contour Volume Up is pretty much my favorite bra ever. I’m still sad that I grew out of it.

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