Review: Lululemon “Ta Ta Tamer” Sports Bra

Abstract: A good-looking and comfortable sports bra that unfortunately offers very little support. Suitable for yoga and walking, but not much else.

Background: Lululemon is a Canadian athletic gear brand. Most of their ‘sports bras’ are of the ‘crop top’ variety, which offers little to no support to the larger-breasted. The Ta Ta Tamer is their take on a hook-and-eye-closure sports bra. It’s wireless and comes in sizes 32-40 B-E, although Es are hard to find. I bought a 34DD in-store in 2010 for the normal retail price.

Sizing: The band runs small and doesn’t stretch much, which is a plus in a sports bra. The 34DD is a nice tight fit on my 32″ ribcage, which is promising as it means the 32 band bras could probably fit 28- and 30-band girls.

The cups are true to size. That is to say, if I were actually a 32DD, then I think I would fit perfectly into the 34DD bra. When I was a 32E, I found the cups slightly small, and at my current size of 32FF, things are obviously extremely squished in there. The bra is cut high at the front and sides, so even if it’s ridiculously undersized, a too-small Ta Ta Tamer won’t give you double-boob. Rather, it will squash your boobs together and in towards your chest, producing all the unpleasant effects associated with improperly separated boobs.

Lululemon’s size chart (click the ‘bras’ tab) is altogether dodgy and should be ignored. If you buy the Ta Ta Tamer, I suggest going up one band size from your usual UK bra size, but keeping the same cup size.

Comfort: Excellent. The material is soft, there are no scratchy bits, and it does a decent job of keeping you cool and wicking sweat away from the skin. I like the wide band, the three rows of hooks and eyes, the lack of underwiring, and the wide, thick, padded straps. It doesn’t feel constrictive like some sports bras do, and it’s comfortable enough to wear as an everyday bra.

Support: Lululemon bills this as a ‘maximum support’ bra. They are very, very wrong. Yes, it’s marginally better than ‘crop top’ sports bras, but I would not want to do any kind of high-impact activity in this. The straps can, in theory, be crossed over into a racerback configuration for more support, but they’re far too short that way and they cut painfully into my shoulders. At 5’2, I doubt this is a case of me being too tall, and lots of other reviews have mentioned this issue as well.

Quality: Very good, in my experience. After more than a year, the bra hasn’t noticeably degraded either in fit or appearance. It’s very durable, and I love that it can be machine washed and dried. Other reviewers, though, have complained about straps coming undone mid-workout or hooks and eyes falling out, so maybe I’ve simply been lucky in this regard. At USD$58 (about GBP£36), I think it’s priced too high; this is true of all Lululemon gear, as you pay for the brand name rather than the product.

Shape: Surprisingly good, for a sports bra. My boobs are wide and point sideways; this bra brings them in so they look rounded from the side and narrowed from the front. It did give me uni-boob, but that may have been because the cups were too small.

Appearance: I like the sporty, modern look of this bra. It comes in loads of different colors, and there seem to be stripe patterns as well. Mine is plain black because that was all the store had in stock, but it still looks pretty good!

Conclusions: The Ta Ta Tamer is a comfortable and high-quality bra, but it’s seriously lacking in support. For small boobs, it might well work for running, tennis, and the like, but I wear it only for yoga and as an everyday bra for times when I can’t be bothered with underwires.


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