Review: Freya “Deco” Moulded Half Cup Bra

Abstract: A comfortable moulded bra with a serious push-up effect, which I found to be rather unnecessary and a detriment to an otherwise great bra.

Image source: Freya's website.

Background: This is a recent addition to Freya’s product line. In contrast to the normal Deco plunge bras, this one has more of a half cup shape and has graduated push-up padding inside the cups. The size range is 28-30 D-F, 32-38 B-F. As far as I can tell, black and nude are the continuity colors, while the blue and sorbet are seasonal styles.

I purchased this bra online in size 32F for the normal retail price, choosing the half cup over the plunge because I love moulded cups but dislike plunge bras. This was at a time when, having outgrown my favorite bra ever, I didn’t own a single bra that fit me. This one actually didn’t fit either, but I kept it anyway because, well, having one bra that was slightly too small was better than having no bras that were even remotely the right size.

Sizing: The band runs large — I can pull it a good few inches away from my 32″ ribcage. The 32F, being one cup size below my average size of 32FF, gives me significant double-boob. I suspect the cups run small, but it’s fairly hard to tell. The padding may be a contributing factor here. For this bra to fit properly, I would need a 30G, but they aren’t made in cups above F. If you buy it, go down once in the band and up once in the cup.

Comfort: The wires on this bra can be quite stabby in the sternum area as you’re in the process of putting it on, but that should stop once you’re properly adjusted and scooped in. Apart from that, I found the bra comfortable to wear over the course of a full day, with my only complaint being that it can get quite warm because of the push-up padding.

Shape: Er, wow. My boobs look nice and rounded in this bra, but they also look massive. The bra doesn’t offer much in the way of centering, so the look is widened and flattened rather than narrowed and forward-projected. Keep in mind, I say ‘flattened’ in the relative sense; make no mistake about it — when I wear my Deco half cup, my boobs are all but impossible to ignore. I think I should have read the description properly before I purchased it, because the padding came as a surprise when I opened the parcel! I usually stay away from push-up bras because I don’t want to look any bustier than I already am, but on the flipside, if you really want people to notice your boobs, then I suppose this is the bra for you.

Support: Not great. The relatively high center gore and the stiff cups and underwires do a decent job, but the band is pretty flimsy because it’s narrow and doesn’t come up very high on the sides. The low neckline doesn’t give much coverage or support up top, so there’s still quite a bit of bounce there. This happens with nearly all half cup bras, though.

Quality: Good quality and reasonably priced, as per usual for Freya.

Appearance: It’s not flashy, but it’s nice enough. The neckline is well-shaped and stays hidden even under low-cut tops. The bows on the straps do look bumpy under tight clothes, but apart from that it’s fairly seamless.

Conclusions: The Deco half cup is a well-priced and comfortable moulded bra, but its size range is limited and it makes my boobs look comically large. If it came in higher cup sizes sans push-up padding, it would be perfect.


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