Review: Freya “Pixie” Padded Half Cup Bra

Abstract: A very pretty bra that is let down by its weird cup construction, which lowers the support level and gives a slightly pointy shape.

Image source: Freya’s website.

Background: The Freya Pixie is a spring/summer 2012 style produced in balcony and padded half cup versions. The padded half cup comes sizes 30 D-G, 32-38 B-G. I purchased a 32F and a 32FF online for the normal retail price, but returned both because the size and shape weren’t right for me.

Sizing: It runs slightly large in the band, but the cups are accurate. The 32F gave me a bit of double-boob, while the 32FF (my usual/average/calculated size) had just the right cup volume but was too loose in the band for my liking. I do prefer very snug bands, though. If you buy this, either go with your usual size, or go down once in the band and up once in the cup.

Comfort: No complaints here. The seams inside the cup were smooth, the fabric was soft, and the straps were a decent width. Note, though, that I only tried this bra on briefly, so I don’t know if there are any long-term comfort issues.

Shape: Not great. The Pixie begins with a sensible vertical seam construction (the optimal structure for uplift and roundness) but then adds a horizontal seam partway up the cup, which undoes all the good work of the vertical seams. Apart from facilitating the addition of the polka dot print, I really don’t know why that horizontal seam is there. It breaks up the direct connection between the strap and the bottom of the cup, compromising support, and it also allows the cup to crease sharply, which creates a pointed shape. The horizontal seam is also fairly conspicuous under clothes.

Support: Average to good, but again I don’t know how it holds up in the long term.

Quality: High, the same as Freya’s usual standard. I’m not a huge fan of the very thin stretchy material used for the back band, though.

Appearance: It’s so pretty! Super cute, fun, and modern. The aqua background is more muted in real life than it appears in the official product photos, but nonetheless I love the polka dot and floral prints and how well they work together. A lot of this is down to balance and proportion, with the smaller polka dot area allowing the two prints to nicely offset each other instead of clashing. The bows, the pink trim, and the pattern continuing up the straps are really cute finishing touches.

Conclusions: The prints on this bra are so beautiful, but the bizarre seam structure was a dealbreaker for me. The suboptimal shape it gave was basically the only reason I decided to return the Pixie, which is unfortunate since it was great in all other respects.


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