Monthly Archives: May 2012

A while ago, just after I had figured out I was, in fact, not a 34C, I needed some new sports bras. Not yet being aware of the woeful inadequacy of ‘crop top’ style sports bras, I went to one of those womens’ sportswear stores. I told the sales assistant I was looking for something very supportive, so she handed me two ‘maximum support’ lycra crop tops and directed me to the fitting room. They fit fine, but they may as well have been made of paper for all the support they offered. (I tested this by jumping up and down in the fitting room). The sales assistant and I then had this conversation through the fitting room door:

Assistant: How are you doing in there?
Me: I don’t know. They fit okay, but I’m not getting much support.
Assistant: Huh. Those are the most supportive sports bras we offer. What’s your cup size?
Me: E. (This was before I grew into an FF.)

At this point I was ready for either a dismissive “don’t be silly, that’s not a real cup size” or a “well then, you obviously need an extra large”, but instead, the sales assistant actually admitted that the store’s ‘sports bras’ were designed for A-D cups only and suggested I go to a department store instead. She even gave a short lecture on the importance of a well-fitted sports bra and recommended specific other brands for me to try! This was incredible. All of us, myself included, have horror stories about bra fitters trying to stuff us into their products and insisting that everyone fits into their 32-38 A-D (or extra small-extra large) size ranges, but some fitters actually do get it, even though they may be few and far between. I’m grateful to that sales assistant for steering me towards proper sports bras instead of letting me run around in an unsupportive piece of lycra, even though it meant she wouldn’t get a sale. Everyone would be much happier if all bra fitters were this honest and knowledgeable.