Review: Curvy Kate “Princess” Balconette Bra

Abstract: A fabric-and-mesh cup bra that runs very small in the cup and gave me a rather pointy shape, although that may have been because I tried on the wrong size.

Image source: Curvy Kate’s website.

Background: The Princess is a fabric cup balconette available in sizes 28-40 D-K in the continuity colors black, white, and nude. Curvy Kate also sells it in seasonal colors, most recently pink and wine. This bra was part of my first Curvy Kate online order, which I placed in April of this year. On the advice of other reviews, I sized up once in the cup, purchasing a 32G rather than my usual 32FF. I returned the bra to the retailer because I didn’t like the shape.

Sizing: I found it accurate in the band (although other reviews say the band runs small) and very small in the cups. My ‘calculator size’, and the size I normally wear, is 32FF, but the Princess in 32G was still slightly too small for me. I’m not sure if a 32GG would have been too big, though. If you buy this, I’d say go with your normal band size but go up one or two cup sizes.

Comfort: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly.

Shape: Very triangular. It pushed my boobs downward and forward, giving a pointy shape, which I didn’t like. It was only after returning the bra that I read this entry on Bras I Hate, which explains that a triangular shape from a Curvy Kate bra is a sign that the bra is too small. This was intriguing. If the Princess had impressed me in other respects, I might have given it another try in 32GG, but I decided to pass as, shape issues aside, I didn’t find it at all exceptional.

Support: The band is nice and firm and fastens with three hooks, which is always a plus for me. I’m not sure how supportive it is over a longer period of time because I was only wearing it for about a minute or so.

Quality: Seems fairly good, but again, I didn’t keep the bra, so I have no detailed observations to share.

Appearance: I have mixed feelings here. Polka dots are amongst my favorite prints, and the ones on the Princess are perfectly spaced and proportioned, and they certainly look very pretty. They do, however, show up as bumps under tight tops because they’re made of a textured, flocked material. I’m neutral on the raised floral trimming on the straps and the top edges of the cups. In addition, I found that the appearance of the fabric leans more toward the utilitarian than the luxurious.

Conclusions: I passed on keeping the Princess because I found the appearance underwhelming and the shape very unsatisfactory. It’s good to know, though, that the shape issue was likely due to the size being too small as opposed to being an intrinsic property of the bra.


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