Review: Curvy Kate “Angel” Balconette Bra

Abstract: This is a beautiful fabric cup bra, but I found the fit too wide and the shape insufficiently round.

Image source: Curvy Kate’s website.

Background: The Angel is a fabric cup balconette available in sizes 28-40 D-K. Previous iterations of the bra have been sold in loads of different colors, with the current seasonal color being “Bluebell”, a mix of blue and white. There don’t seem to be any continuity colors. This bra was part of my first Curvy Kate online order, which I placed in April of this year. I ordered a 32FF and a 32G, but returned them both because I didn’t like the shape they gave.

Sizing: Runs slightly large in the band and slightly small in the cup. I found the 32 band a bit loose on my 32″ ribcage. I seem to be between cup sizes in this bra. The 32FF, my usual size, was too small and produced some double-boob, while in the 32G I had a little bit of gaping at the top and wrinkling at the bottom of the cups. If you buy the Angel, go with your usual band size or go down one band size depending on how tight a bra band you prefer. The sizing on the cups is difficult to pin down, but I suggest going up at least one cup size. For what it’s worth, the cups of the 32G Angel are much roomier than those in the 32G Princess, another Curvy Kate balconette.

Comfort: It’s hard to say. Something about the proportions of the bra seemed a bit off to me. The underwires are rather wide and they went a bit too far back behind the actual starting point of my boobs. The cups also came up too high under the arms. Keep in mind, my boobs and I are both rather wide, so a bra that’s too wide is a rare thing indeed. I don’t know how comfortable this bra would be in the long term because I only tried it on for a minute or so.

Shape: I get some decent uplift from this bra, but the shape isn’t great. From the side, the bottom half of my boobs looks nice and rounded, but they form an abrupt point at the horizontal division of the cup and they’re just kind of flat from there onwards. It’s a natural-looking shape and I imagine it’s ideal for some people, but it isn’t the right shape for me. I refer to this as the ‘halfway there’ shape because I prefer a much more rounded, almost hemispherical, look.

Support: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly. It does have a three-hook closure (at least, it does in the sizes I tried) and fairly wide straps, which usually bode well support-wise.

Quality: It seemed quite solid to me. The fabric is great, much nicer than that of the Princess, and I particularly liked the strong yet sheer mesh on the cups. No complaints here, although there may or may not have been issues that I didn’t notice because I didn’t keep the bra.

Appearance: This is a beautiful bra. Honestly, it was so pretty that I was tempted to make the completely irrational decision to keep it even though it didn’t fit quite right. The lattice-like embroidery is so, so gorgeous, the blue color is darker and more vivid in real life than in pictures, and the coral/pink ribbons make for lovely accents. I love the subtle shiny effect on the fabric, too. As far as looks go, the Angel really hits it out of the ballpark.

Conclusions: This is a gorgeous bra that looks fairly promising in terms of support, but I decided not to keep it on account of the strange fit and the suboptimal shape it gave.


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