Review: Cleo “Chloe” Balconette Bra

Abstract: A wholly unremarkable fabric cup balconette.

Image source: Cleo’s website.

Background: The Chloe is a fabric cup bra from the Cleo by Panache brand. It’s available in sizes 28-38 D-J in a pink/blue/white floral print. I purchased it in 32FF online during a sale a few months ago, but returned it because I didn’t like the shape.

Sizing: I found both the band and cups to be accurately sized, but a few other reviews say that the cups run large and the band runs small. Your mileage may vary.

Comfort: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly. Note that the straps aren’t fully adjustable; this wasn’t a problem for me, as I have enormous shoulders, but if you normally need to shorten your straps all the way, the straps on this bra might turn out to be too long for you.

Shape: Not terrible, but not ideal. It’s what I call the ‘halfway there’ shape: rounded on the bottom, but pointy at the apex and flat on top.

Support: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly.

Quality: It seemed all right in terms of quality, although since I didn’t keep it, I didn’t really do a detailed inspection of the sewing and fabric.

Appearance: It’s a nice-looking bra from a distance, but up close it isn’t overly impressive. I do like the floral print on the lower section of the cups, but I think the embroidered mesh upper section is a bit cheap-looking. Lovely color scheme, though.

Conclusions: This bra mostly just elicits apathy from me, as you can probably tell by the brevity of this review. I don’t love it, but neither do I hate it. In a word: meh.


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