Review: Freya “Lauren” Balconette Bra

Abstract: A fabric cup balconette bra that didn’t really tick any of the boxes for me. The shape was unimpressive, and I felt the quality didn’t measure up to that of Freya’s newer bras.

Image source: Freya’s website.

Background: The Lauren is one of Freya’s continuity styles. The size range of the balcony version is 28-38 C-K, with a few omissions at the corners of the size chart. It’s sold in white and black. A purple version also existed at some point, which I’m assuming was a one-off seasonal color. I purchased this bra online in April, in size 30G, for the normal retail price. I returned it because I didn’t like the shape and the bumpy appearance under clothes.

Sizing: Based on my experiences with Freya’s other bras running large in the band, I ordered a 30G instead of my usual 32FF. Contrary to my expectations, the 30 band was extremely tight. I didn’t order a 32, though, so I’m not sure how well that would have worked in comparison. Still, given my 32″ ribcage, I shouldn’t be able to do up a 30 band at all, so I think the Lauren does run just a touch large in the band. The sizing of the cups is accurate, as far as I can tell.

I’m guessing the reason the Lauren bra didn’t come up as large in the band as I expected is that it was first released quite a while ago and has been around for a long time, so its doesn’t have the same insanely-loose-band problem that most of Freya’s newer bras do. Or at any rate, the problem isn’t as egregious. At any rate: if you buy this bra, go with your usual size or, if you’re between band sizes, go for the smaller one.

Comfort: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly.

Shape: The shape given by this bra is rounded on the bottom, but it forms a point and then flattens out on the top half of the breast. The view from the side thus looks a bit pointy instead of being a smooth, continuous curve, which I prefer. I refer to this as the ‘halfway there’ shape. At least the uplift is fairly good.

Support: The support seemed decent, but again, I tried it on only for a minute or so, so I don’t know how it performs over a longer period of time.

Quality: Not as good as Freya’s more recent releases, in my opinion. The straps are too wide for the rings that connect them to the band, so they tend to scrunch up a bit there, as I’ve tried to illustrate to the right. The seams between the different sections of the cups, and on the edges of the cups and the band, are also very rough and show under tight clothes as very obvious ridges. Compared to the likes of the Deco, the Edina, and the Pixie, the Lauren lacks polish and attention to detail; it looks and feels more like an early prototype than a finished product. This reflects quite well on Freya’s more recent products, as they’ve evidently set the bar quite high regarding the quality I expect from their bras.

Appearance: I have a major weakness for pinstripes, so I was really in love with the idea of the Lauren. In person, though, the plain upper section of the cup is much larger, so it dominates the overall appearance of the bra, making the pinstripes less noticeable. I’m also not a fan of the chunky seams on the cups, the textured detail on the tops of the cups and the straps, or the weird-looking irregular little loopy bits on the bottom edge of the band.

Conclusions: Though initially keen on the idea of the Lauren, I was disappointed by its appearance, its suboptimal shape, and its rough construction, which left it looking and feeling rather half-baked. I was much less impressed by this bra than I have been by Freya’s more recent products.


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