Review: BiuBiu Clothing

Abstract: BiuBiu’s boob-friendly clothes look great and are well-priced and of good quality. Depending on where you order from, the shipping is quite expensive, but it’s certainly worth it.

Image sources: BiuBiu’s website.

Background: BiuBiu is a well-known Polish company that sells clothes — mainly tops, shirts, and dresses — for the full-bust market. They seem to be universally loved and have received glowing reviews on a lot of blogs. I wasn’t interested in any of their stretchy tops because most of them are made of viscose, a synthetic fabric that I don’t get on well with. I liked the look of the tailored cotton items, though, so I ordered two button-down shirts (the Vanity Fair in 38BB and 40B) and one dress (the Montparnasse in 40B) about two months ago. I would have preferred an extra ‘B’ in each, but at the time of purchase, 38BB and 40B were the only sizes that weren’t sold out in these particular items.

The online shopping experience was positive overall. Orders are shipped promptly and the products are reasonably priced (currently around GBP£22 for shirts, £10-£20 for stretchy tops, and £25-£40 for dresses). The cost of shipping from Poland, however, is very steep, although that’s not really something the company can control. I limited my order to three items because adding in one more caused the shipping estimate to jump by an extra £15 or so. I don’t remember exactly how long it took for the package to arrive, but it was probably around three weeks. (For reference, I live very far away from Europe; bloggers in the UK and the US have quoted delivery times of one to two weeks.) BiuBiu’s customer service is great, too; when I emailed them regarding some technical problems I was experiencing with their credit card processing site, I quickly received a friendly reply (in perfect English) that helped sort everything out.

As far as returns and exchanges go, I don’t have much to say because I kept all three items from my order. BiuBiu’s policy allows returns within fourteen days of the customer receiving the order. The review at The Curvy Kitten mentions making returns and exchanges with no issues, so I assume it’s an easy process.

Sizing: BiuBiu has a neat sizing system that accommodates both your waist size and your bust size. It’s based on normal European clothing sizes, but for each size there are three levels of ‘bustiness’: B, BB and BBB. I found their size chart pretty accurate, so if you’re unsure about which size to buy, take your measurements and follow the chart. As a data point, my UK dress size is a 12 on average — sometimes a 10 or a 14 depending on the brand — and my bra size is 32FF/G, and I’m in between a 38BBB and a 40BB in BiuBiu sizes.

Fit: The problems I often experience with regular high street clothes are typical of those experienced by busty girls, to wit: button-downs that fit at the waist are impossible to do up over the bust, stretchy tops that fit at the waist squash the boobs in and/or stretch and pull in a really unflattering way, and anything that fits properly at the bust hangs shapelessly over the rest of the body like a potato sack. Not a good look.

BiuBiu’s products, in contrast, fit amazingly well because they’re designed to accommodate different (and larger) cup sizes. When you lay a BiuBiu garment flat or hang it up, you can see that it actually has discernible ‘boob pockets’, which is absolutely genius — all women’s clothes should be designed this way. Since I’m in between two sizes, the fit that I got wasn’t 100% perfect, but it was still pretty mindblowing. Clothes that fit both my boobs and my waist! At the same time! I think I uttered an audible ‘OMG’ as I finished doing up the buttons. Here are some more detailed notes on each of the items I ordered:

  • Vanity Fair shirt, 38BB: This was a bit too small all over (apart from the hips). It buttons up (but feels quite tight) at the waist, but it won’t button up at all at the bust. It was a bit tight through the arms as well. Depite being too small to do up, it’s still a useful garment, as I can wear it as an outer layer of sorts, over a tank or a T-shirt, for a casual look.
  • Vanity Fair shirt, 40B: This was a perfect through the back, shoulders, and arms. (I have very broad shoulders.) It was just a tiny bit too small at the bust, where the buttons did up but gaped slightly. In the waist and hip area, though, it was far too roomy for me. The Vanity Fair shirts are cut for hourglass figures, whereas I’m more of an inverted triangle with unremarkable hips. I sewed a dart (1″ by 8″) into the back of the shirt to pull in the excess fabric, which improved the fit. BiuBiu sells a different shirt called the Vanity Size that, according to the review at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, is cut straighter in the hips than the Vanity Fair. Maybe I’ll try one of those the next time I place an order.
  • Montparnasse dress, 40B: Perfect through the back, shoulders, and arms and slightly roomy in the waist, though far less so than the 40B Vanity Fair. The top buttons just about did up over my boobs, but they were extremely strained. I prefer to wear the top buttons open with a camisole underneath. This is a very long dress — I’m 5’2 and the hem ends well below my knees. I brought it to a tailor to have the hem taken up to mid-thigh level, which looks a lot better on me.

Quality: Very good. The tailored items that I purchased are mostly cotton with a small percentage (5% for the Vanity Fair, 2% for the Montparnasse) of elastane (a.k.a. Spandex or Lycra) added, which gives them a small degree of stretch. This is great since it provides a closer fit and a bit more flexibility when you move around. The cotton fabric also has a good weight to it, especially at the collars and cuffs. These shirts are miles better than the thin, flimsy button-downs sold on the high street. The white Vanity Fair is still slightly see-through, but then again, I’ve never seen a white dress shirt that wasn’t translucent to some degree.

The construction of the garments is solid, too. I haven’t noticed any dodgy buttons, stitching falling out, or anything along those lines. The quality of these clothes is really impressive, especially considering the low prices.

Appearance: Flattering, figure-enhancing shapes and gorgeous, vivid colors (particularly the green Montparnasse) — there’s absolutely nothing to complain about here! The narrow V-shaped necklines on the button-down shirts are perfect, too: low enough not to be frumpy, high enough not to be obscene.

Conclusions: The BiuBiu love around the Internet is well-deserved. They make good clothes. I hope they expand their product range in the future; personally, I would really love to see some plain V-neck tops, similar to the Florence, but made of a cotton/elastane blend rather than viscose. Plain cotton V-necks are wardrobe staples for me, and it would be so awesome to have some that fit my boobs properly.

As far as sizing goes, following their size chart is your best bet as it’s fairly accurate. If you’re in the market for flattering, well-constructed boob-friendly clothes, BiuBiu is definitely worth a try.

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  1. Anna said:

    I LOVE my Vanity Fair… it only I could find other colors in 34BB. I’ve tied two styrofoam balls to my hanger to save the boob pockets from getting wrinkled while it hangs in the closet :).

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