Review: Freya “Lacey” Balconette Bra

Abstract: This is the standard — and disappointing — balconette bra that I’ve come to expect from Freya. Pointy shape, weird fit, silly sizing.

Image source: Freya’s website.

Background: The Lacey is a fabric cup balconette from Freya, sold in (the nominal) sizes 28 D-G and 30-38 C-K (excluding 30C and 38K). I bought this bra because I was in need of a fabric cup bra in a color that would disappear under light-colored clothes. I purchased a 30GG online at the normal retail price, but returned it because it didn’t fit and the shape wasn’t great.

Sizing: With regard to sizing and fit, this bra is identical in practically every way to Freya’s LINK Edina balconette bra. The band on the Lacey is very loose and stretchy; on my 32″ ribcage, the 30GG bra fastens easily on the tightest hooks and can be pulled a significant distance away from my back. I’d expect a 28 band would be too large as well, but I didn’t try any of those because they aren’t available in cup sizes above G.

The Lacey also has lots of space at the bottom of the cup but very little at the top, which, for me, resulted in simultaneous cutting in along the top and wrinkling and empty space throughout the rest of the cup. It’s probably better for full-on-the-bottom boobs — though for all I know, the fit could be just as bizarre in that case.

If you buy this bra, go down three band sizes and up three cup sizes. You may be able to manage only two band sizes down/two cup sizes up if you’re already at the higher end of your band size. I’d say the actual size range is around 34 A-E and 36-44 AA-HH, rather than 28 D-G and 30-38 C-K as claimed.

Comfort: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly.

Shape: Just like the Edina, this bra gives me pointy bullet boobs. The uplift is good and it successfully brings my sideways-pointing boobs in toward the center, but I can’t get over the extremely pointy look.

Support: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly. The bra does feature a thicker opaque fabric on the cups, a reasonably wide band, three rows of hooks and eyes (I think the C-G cup version only gets two rows), and enormous straps, which all bode well support-wise. The straps are only half-adjustable, though, which may cause problems for you if you usually need to tighten your straps all the way.

Quality: Seems pretty decent, rubbish single-layered powernet mesh back band notwithstanding.

Appearance: It’s a nice-looking bra — I particularly like the polka dot print and the button detailing. The official product photos aren’t a very accurate representation of the color; the main part of the bra is a cool-toned, almost mauve, shade, rather than the warm brown it appears to be in the photos, and the trim is a cream-colored off-white rather than pure white. For me, the color of this bra was too dark for it to properly disappear under light clothes; it was definitely visible under the white shirt that I tried on over the top of the bra. Your mileage may vary depending on your skin tone.

Conclusions: Between the dodgy sizing and the pointy shape, I can’t say that I would really recommend this bra. I guess you might like it if you fit into its size range, if you like having bullet boobs, and if you aren’t specifically looking for an inconspicuous nude bra. The sizing really is shocking, though. I wish Freya would get their act together with regard to their inaccurate, large, and stretchy bands.

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