Review: Freya “Deco” Moulded Plunge Bra

Abstract: This popular bra, available in a number of different colors and prints, is renowned for its great cleavage and round shape. It fit me very strangely, however, and it gave me an unflattering, flattened-out shape. I don’t think my experience is typical, though.

Image source: Freya’s website.

Background: This is a moulded plunge bra from Freya, available in sizes 28-38 B-GG with several omissions at the corners of the size chart. It comes in loads of colors and prints, with some variants being sold under different names. Though it’s one of Freya’s best-known and best-selling products, I ignored this plunge version for a long time because I’m not a huge fan of plunge bras in general. A few months ago, though, as I was placing an online order, I thought I’d add one to my basket so that I could try it out and see whether it really was as good as it’s said to be.

Most of the Internet agrees that this bra runs large in both the band and the cup. With that in mind, and recalling my prior experiences with Freya’s extremely large bands, I bought the Deco in the newly available size of 28GG instead of my normal size, 32FF/G. I purchased the bra online at the normal retail price, but returned it due to the poor fit and shape.

Sizing: It’s true that both the band and the cups run large in this bra. I found, however, that the band on the plunge Deco was neither as long nor as stretchy as the bands on Freya’s Faye, Edina, and Lacey bras. The 28 band just barely fastened on my 32″ ribcage and felt far too tight. A 30 band, I think, would have been perfect, while a 32 — my actual band size — would definitely have been too big.

The cup volume on the 28GG bra seemed about right for me, so I think I would have got on better with a 30G (a sister size of 28GG). If you buy this bra, I suggest sizing down once in the band and keeping the same cup size you normally wear.

Fit: This bra is definitely not compatible with my shape at all. My boobs are low, wide, and wide-set, and this bra squashes them in toward my chest like a sports bra in addition to pushing them out sideways. After scooping and adjusting, I still had, simultaneously, double-boob at the outer (underarm) sides of the cup and empty space on the inner (sternum) sides. The cup volume was more or less correct (the bulging and the gaping pretty much cancelled each other out), but the distribution of that volume, for me, was all wrong.

The cleavage I got in this bra was really strange, too — kind of flattened and triangular, as opposed to deep and vertical like it’s supposed to be. I doubt things would have improved much if I’d tried a different size, as a 30G would have had basically the same cups set on a larger band. The Deco plunge bra seems to fit well on the models in Freya’s official product photos, so it’s probably just my very wide-set boobs being a poor match for the bra. You might fare better if your boobs are naturally closer together.

Comfort: Hard to call, because I tried the wrong size and I had the bra on for only a minute or so.

Shape: This bra directs my breast tissue in toward my chest and out toward my sides, producing an unappealling, flattened, slightly saggy, east-west pointing look. From the side (pictured above), my boobs look much smaller and my bustline loses all definition, making me look kind of shapeless and lumpy overall. I think the shape I get in this bra is very much an exception to the rule — you can see on Bratabase that the plunge Deco usually does give a nice, rounded shape in most cases.

Support: Again, hard to call because the size was wrong and I didn’t keep the bra. I generally find plunges less supportive than balconettes, which is why I tend to stay away from the former, but your mileage may vary.

Quality: The quality of the bra seemed fine, but because I returned it, I don’t know how it fares after repeated washing and wearing.

Image sources: Freya’s website.

Appearance: In the nude color, it’s your average basic bra — plain, with a few nice touches like bows and scalloped edges. Some of the seasonal colors and prints really are beautiful, though. If this bra were compatible with my shape, I would be all over the solid blue and red and the pinstriped “Hatty” and “Taylor” versions.

Conclusions: Loads of people love the Deco plunge bra, but for me, it was a complete failure. I suspect this is because the shape of the bra isn’t compatible with my very wide-set breasts, but there could be any number of other factors affecting the fit and shape. Boobs and bra shopping are unpredictable like that.

  1. Windie said:

    Have you heard of Ewa Michalak? They’re a Polish brand, and their bras will probably give you the shape you’re looking for. They’re known for really rounding out and pushing the breasts forward. If you want to read review of their bras check out Curvy Wordy’s blog if you haven’t already 🙂

    • Lia said:

      Yes, I ordered some EM bras in June and I absolutely love them! The shape of the HP bras is exactly what I’m looking for, and the CH bras are pretty awesome too.

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