Review: Ewa Michalak “CH Toffik” Padded Half Cup Bra

Abstract: A pretty good nude bra for everyday wear that gives a great rounded shape. It runs quite large in the band.

Background: This padded nude half cup bra is one of Ewa Michalak’s best-sellers. The company accepts custom orders, so the bra can be purchased in nearly any size. I bought the CH Toffik, in 32GG, directly from EM during a 10% sale in early June of this year. More details of that order can be found in this post.

Sizing: Like many first-time Ewa Michalak customers, I was really confused about what size to order at first. After taking a look at the measurements posted on Bratabase, I decided to go with a 32/70 band (my normal band size). I chose a GG cup instead of my usual FF or G for two reasons:

  1. EM’s sizing calculator put me in a 36/80FF, so I sister-sized down to 32/70GG, and
  2. I’d read a lot of reviews and comments that said Ewa Michalak’s cups ran smaller than expected.

I figured that when it came to cup sizes, it would be better to err on the side of too large than too small, because while cup gaping can be reduced with padding, there’s no disguising the double-boob you’d get from wearing a cup size too small.

Unfortunately, the 32GG turned out to be too big for me in both the band and the cup. I wear it anyway. I stitched along the edges of the band to tighten it up a bit, and the cups get squashed flat by my clothes, so the gaping isn’t a huge problem. I’ve read a lot of other reviews that say this particular bra runs large in the band; if I were to order it again, I would get a 30GG or maybe even a 28H. If you buy the CH Toffik, I would definitely advise going down at least one band size and up an equal number of cup sizes.

Fit: In a word — wow. I almost never say this about any bra ever, but the CH Toffik fits me perfectly. Even though I’m wearing the wrong size. (Imagine how amazing the fit would be in the correct size!) The same is true of the three other Ewa Michalak bras I ordered alongside this one: you put it on and every part of the bra sits in the correct place, and the whole thing just fits.

These bras work with my boobs instead of struggling against them, sagging here, wrinkling there, straining here, poking there — I don’t get any of that nonsense in an EM bra. There are no bizarrely deep cups, unnecessarily high sides, or any other features of bra geometry that make you think “who on earth thought that would be a good idea?”. I’ve tried on dozens of bras from other brands with all kinds of weird fit issues and have been bewildered by how utterly wrong they felt — Freya and Fantasie think our breasts stick straight out of our chests like torpedoes, while Panache and Curvy Kate think our breasts are located under our armpits — and I have, at times, in exasperation, entertained the idea that bra manufacturers are just making things up off the tops of their heads, slapping together arbitrary pieces of fabric with no clue as to what boobs are actually shaped like. Not so with Ewa Michalak; when I wear an EM bra, I can tell that the designers really get it.

With the CH (and HP) bras, the center gores are on the wide side and the underwires are on the narrow side, but all of the proportions are fairly average. No part of the bra is excessively wide, narrow, long, or short. I think this is the reason why the bras work with my low, wide-set shape despite not being specifically designed for such. They would probably adapt equally well to someone who was high-set or close-set, or full on the top, full on the bottom, etc. — owing to the balanced proportions and cuts of EM bras, I think they would get along well with a lot of different boob shapes and sizes.

Comfort: My CH Toffik has underwires that rub uncomfortably at the sternum, in addition to a very scratchy edge on the hook-and-eye closure. I don’t find this overly bothersome because both issues are easily fixed by placing a folded piece of tissue or a cotton makeup pad under the center gore and the back closure as I’m putting the bra on. The wire-rubbing issue could be caused by my wearing a size that’s too large for me, and the scratchy hook-and-eye closure issue is probably a one-off defect — I don’t think it’s a regular feature of the CH Toffik bra. All in all, this bra is fairly comfortable for all-day wear, and I’d imagine the comfort would be excellent were I wearing the correct size.

Shape: Again, wow. Shape-wise, I look for three things in a bra — roundness, uplift, and centering — and this bra delivers all three. The shape is magnificent. Just look at the diagram!

Support: Fairly good. I wouldn’t want to go sprinting and jumping around in this bra, but for everyday wear, it’s supportive enough that my boobs feel secured and ‘strapped in’. If I were wearing the right size, the support would probably be even better. Feature-wise, I feel the bra could do with slightly wider straps, but that’s just a matter of personal preference, as the straps already wide enough to provide adequate support. I do like how the fabric that comprises the back band is quite thick and substantial.

Quality: The abovementioned itchy hook-and-eye closure is a minor manufacturing defect in the bra that I received. Apart from that, I have no complaints about the quality of either the materials or the construction of the CH Toffik. Mine hasn’t degraded noticeably after two months of regular wear; if I notice anything starting to go downhill in the future, I’ll post an update then. Overall, the quality of EM bras is very good and is well-aligned with their price points. According to a few other blogs, however, the company does seem to have some issues with incorrect size labels at times.

Appearance: Basic but pretty. The upper and lower edges of the band are decorated with scalloping detail, and the straps have raised embroidery on them to add some visual interest. The color is quite dark for a nude bra, so it might not be the best pick if you’re extremely pale. I find that the bra blends in well with my skin tone when I wear light-colored tops. The seams and the lace on the cups are mostly invisible under clothes unless the top I’m wearing has exceptionally thin or tightly-stretched fabric.

Conclusions: The CH Toffik is a solid choice for an everyday nude bra. It’s affordable, comfortable, and gives a great shape under clothes — just remember to size down in the band. The bra is a great fit for my shape, and it would probably fit other breast shapes equally well too.

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