Review: Freya “Beau” Plunge Bra

Abstract: This is your typical unpadded Freya plunge/balconette bra — pretty print, ugly shape, wildly inaccurate sizing.

Freya "Beau" Plunge Bra

Image source: Freya’s website.

Background: Freya first released this unpadded plunge in pink and grey for the spring/summer 2012 season. This year’s Beau, which is the version I tried, is white and bright pink. It’s available in sizes 28–38 B–H, excluding 28–30 B–C. I purchased a 30G online in March this year at the normal retail price. It didn’t work for me at all, so I sent it straight back for a refund.

Sizing: When I tried this bra on back in March, my measurements were approximately 31½” underbust, 40″ bust, which would have made me, at the time, a 32FF. I ordered a 30G (a sister size of 32FF) instead because I knew Freya’s bands run large, but I should have gone for a 28GG instead. The cup volume of the 30G was the correct match for my breast volume, but the band was very loose on me.

If you buy this bra, I suggest sizing down twice in the band and up twice in the cups relative to your ‘calculator size’. If you’re on the upper end of your band size, then maybe go down just one band size and up one cup size. The inaccurate sizing here leaves out true 28-band girls, unless you prefer to wear a very loose band.

Fit: It fits the same as Freya’s other unpadded balconettes and plunges, so if you get on well with those, you’ll like the Beau too. On the 30G, the wires and center gore are narrow-ish and the sides are fairly low, while the cups are deep with a lot of space at the bottom and not much on top. On my uniform-fullness boobs, this cup shape produces wrinking at the bottom and at the apex and cutting in at the top edge of the cup. It wasn’t good fit for me.

Comfort: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly.

Shape of the Freya "Beau" Bra

Shape: The notes I wrote immediately after trying on this bra in March read simply, “ugh, ugh, ugh”. It’s pointy. It’s not terrible on the uplift side of things, but the shape is definitely not ’rounded’ by any definition of the word. The cut of the cups and the tight upper mesh section flatten my boobs into an unattractive triangle shape when viewed from the side.

Support: Undetermined, because I tried it on only briefly. With its high-closure cups, sturdy lower-cup fabric, and thick straps, though, I would expect the support of the Beau bra to be quite good.

Quality: High, comparable to the rest of Freya’s products. Strong seams and good materials and construction. If, however, you consider correct sizing a quality control issue (which I do), then the Beau bra loses points on that front.

Appearance: This is a bra that was made to be shown off under sheer blouses. I think the ribbon print is pretty, fun, and unique, and there’s a lot of attention to detail elsewhere in the design, too. Also: it’s pink. It’s really, really pink. Pictures don’t quite capture how amazingly bright pink this bra looks in real life. I don’t usually go for super girly bra designs, but I quite like this one.

Conclusions: If you love pink and your boobs are a good match for Freya’s cup shape, then this could basically be your dream bra. For me, the fit and shape were disappointing.


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