Quick Reviews: Ewa Michalak “HP Malachit” Padded Half Cup Bra, “HM Magnolia” Half Cup Bra, “CHP Mak” Padded Half Cup Bra

Here’s another set of quick reviews. These three bras are cut the same as other Ewa Michalak bras that I’ve previously reviewed: the HP Cielus, the HM Gold and HM Classic, and the CHP Brzoskwinka respectively. With EM, all bras with the same two- or three-letter code are more or less identical in terms of fit, comfort, shape, and support, so today’s post is mainly just some notes on sizing.

Ewa Michalak “HP Malachit” Padded Half Cup Bra

I bought this bra in 32FF directly from EM, discontinued and discounted, in the middle of 2012. The sizing is accurate in both the band and cup: it stretches to 32½”, which is about right for a 32 band. The straps aren’t textured like in newer EM models, and they’re very stretchy.

Ewa Michalak “HM Magnolia” Half Cup Bra

This January, I made a custom order for a three-hook version of this bra in 32FF. I was sent the normal two-hook version. Given EM’s customer service track record, I can’t say I was entirely surprised. Two other bras in the order also came with two hooks when I’d ordered three.

The HM Magnolia runs a little tight in the band, stretching to 31″. The cups run maybe half a size large and are very open on top, and like other HM bras, the wires come up very high in the center. This bra seemed to float around rather than ‘sticking’ to my torso, even though the gore sat flat and the band was definitely tight enough. This could be because the wires were more flexible than in the newer HM models. Another difference is that the band has an external layer of thicker, shiny fabric, like in EM’s padded bras. The color is more pink than beige.

Ewa Michalak "HM Magnolia" Half Cup Bra

Image source: photographed by me.

Ewa Michalak “CHP Mak” Padded Half Cup Bra

Based on the stretchy band of my CHP Brzoskwinka, I ordered a 30G in this model instead of my usual 32FF. This bra was part of the same messed-up order as the HM Magnolia, and it actually does have three hooks. That may just be the default in G+ cups, though — I’m not sure.

The band of my CHP Mak stretches to 29″ and feels very small to me. I actually need two extenders to fasten it comfortably around my ribcage. I have no idea whether mine was actually custom-made or not, so I can’t give any general sizing advice. The color is a bright, rich tomato red, and unlike the shiny CHP Brzoskwinka, the cups on the CHP Mak are covered with a matte mesh fabric.

After I lost some boob volume, the HP Malachit and HM Magnolia bras became too big for me, and I sold them on Bratabase a few months ago. I’m hanging on to the CHP Mak for now. Too small is always better than too big — extenders to the rescue! — and the lift and shape are just incredible.


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