Addendum: Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra

Abstract: More sizing advice, plus some extra notes on comfort and quality, to add to my original review of the Freya Active Soft Cup.

Background: It’s no secret that I love this sports bra. It isn’t pretty, but it’s comfortable and it gets the job done as far as supporting my breasts during high-impact activity. I first reviewed the sizes 32E and 32F; since then, I’ve also acquired a 30G, a 30GG, some 32FFs, and a 32G.

Sizing: I admit it — I bought the 30 bands because the colors were nice and there was a discount. There’s no chance of them ever fastening over my ribcage. At my smallest, 30½”, I still needed an extender for the 30G and 30GG. Now, at 32″ exactly, I’d probably need two. The 32 bands were great when my underbust was 31±½”, but I now require an extender for those as well.

Another thing to note is that the beige Freya Active Soft Cups fit looser in the band than other colors in the same band size. I have three that were purchased at different times, so I think it’s more than a fluke. The difference in tightness isn’t massive, but it could be something to look out for if you’re between sizes.

Cup-wise, you get a bit of leeway in this bra. With my current bust measurement of 40″, the 32FF is my go-to for general sports and exercise. If I’m going to be running and jumping a lot, I reach for the 32F, which offers some extra support and bounce control, but smashes my boobs together in the center a bit. The 32G gives me great separation in the center but lowered support, so I wear it for low-impact activities. As for the 30G and 30GG, they both feel identical to the 32FF when I wear them with the extender(s).

For sizing in this bra, I’d say measure your underbust firmly, add 1″, and round up if necessary to find your band size. Then, going from your usual UK bra size, adjust the cup size accordingly. You can go up or down in the cup depending on your desired level of support and squishing.

Comfort: I think I’ve developed some sensitivity issues in the under-boob area, because although I used to find this bra quite comfortable, nowadays the band irritates my skin all along my front when I wear the bra for long periods of time. Sometimes I scoot the bra lower down on my torso or tuck my T-shirt under it for some relief.

Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra

Image source: photographed by me.

The irritation is due to cutting in from the sharp, stiff edge at the top of the bra band, where it meets the fabric of the cups. I tried to take some close-up photos of the interior of the band, but it doesn’t photograph very well. If you own one of these bras, run your fingers along that edge and you’ll see what I mean.

I get the same uncomfortable rubbing and cutting from some of my everyday bras that have thin or sharp underwire channels. Again, this wasn’t a problem for me before, which seems to indicate that the issue is more with my skin than with the bras themselves. You’ll probably be fine if the skin around your underbust isn’t prone to irritation, but if you have sensitive skin, the sharp band on this bra may be problematic for you.

Splotches on cup fabric on the Freya Active Soft Cup sports bra

Image source: photographed by me.

Quality: I’ve noticed a defect in one of my Freya Active Soft Cups. On the fabric on the front of the cups, there are a few dark splotches that don’t wash out. Also, the horizontal seam on the left cup is wonky, producing odd wrinkles and an even-pointier-than-usual shape. I purchased this particular bra at a discount from an online retailer that I don’t usually buy from, and I couldn’t return it because I didn’t notice the defects until after I’d removed the tags and worn the bra. This is the only problematic bra out of the eight Freya Active Soft Cups I own or have owned — the others are fine, in terms of manufacturing quality.

Crooked cup seam on the Freya Active Soft Cup sports bra

Image source: photographed by me.

As for long term performance, these bras can really take a licking and keep on ticking, as they say. Mine are between one and three years old and heavily washed and worn, and they still support my breasts as if they were brand new. Strangely, though, no amount of washing and wearing seems to dull the uncomfortable sharp band edge that I mentioned above.

Sports bra shapes

Conclusions: The main point of writing this addendum was to share some more information on sizing, to note the impressive hardiness of these bras, and to record my issue with the scratchy band. The bra’s main shortcomings are said scratchy band and the torpedo-tastic shape. Still, the Freya Active Soft Cup remains my sports bra of choice due to its excellent support and its lightweight construction, which makes washing, drying, and sports bag packing easy and fuss-free.

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